Saturday, October 11, 2014


One of the biggest misconceptions with starting the practice of Yoga is that you must be flexible to begin with... This could NOT be further than the truth!... I am the perfect example... When, I went to my first class, I could barely reach down to touch my toes without trembling like a leaf... Luckily, I had taken a class where the instructor was exceptionally wise, professional, and an expert about what to do and not to. My first experience with yoga was a sheer delight. I couldn't wait to get back to class to experience my muscles become like warm rubber bands...Several of my clients after class come up to me and tell me what their vision of Yoga was, and that they thought they needed to be able to place their ankle behind their head to start the class... It always gives me a giggle, because if taught properly, we emphasize how everyone should start conservatively, no matter how simple you may think that is... Yoga allows us to hone in on what our bodies are trying to tell us. If it hurts, it's no longer yoga... If you're trembling, you're pushing too hard, if your breath becomes too labored, you should heed that signal...One of my favorite aspects of teaching and practicing Yoga is that there are multiple modifications. One posture does not fit each body. So many of us are so busy in our day to day routine, we've forgotten about the ability to listen to what our bodies need. We are in such a state of autopilot, and survival mode, that we've gotten completely out of touch with what's good and bad for ourselves. The more you practice yoga, the less you need exterior forces to make you feel comfort. You find comfort in breath, in stretching, in meditation...

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't ever tried a class, get out there and sample. I have heard so many wonderful things post- classes from my newbies about how incredible they feel. How they wished they had tried it sooner!... What do you have to lose but a cluttered mind? A tight hamstring, or an aching back!If you're really struggling to make your way to an actual class... start with an online class, or the freebies though the web... start with a class such as Yoga basics, Beginner yoga, or Yoga for flexibility... And, truly go slow, and listen to your body...Get moving!... See you on your mat!

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