Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yoga Advice To Those Above 40

If you have been practicing yoga for many years and if you have reached the age of 40, it is high time you bear in mind a few points. Even experts corroborate with these points.Your Body Is Not As Flexible As It Used To BeThough your body is still flexible, it can not be as flexible as it used to be. Once you realize that the flexibility of your body has started coming down, you should slow down. You should accept this fact and adopt more patience while doing your yogic exercises. By doing so, you can derive immense benefits without injuring yourself.Be Watchful Of PainsIf you experience pain while doing certain yogic exercises, you must immediately stop practicing them. The fact is that yoga consists of more than one exercise to bestow good benefits on every limb or part of the body. So, you can choose only those exercises that may not cause any pain to you.Consult Your Yoga Teacher Once AgainYou might have learned yoga postures from a teacher. After you reach 40 years of age, it is time to consult the yoga expert once again. The teacher will assess your capabilities, the flexibility of your body and endurance level and design a regimen that is suitable for you.

Set Your Routine According To Your CapabilitiesYou might have been practicing yogic exercises daily but once you attain 40, you may not be able to do so daily. You can therefore modify your routine suitably so as to do the exercises thrice or four times a week.Use Your Energy JudiciouslyYour energy levels may start declining at the age of 40. You should therefore learn to conserve your energy. The point is that you must do your exercises comfortably and carry out your other chores efficiently.Be Careful With Your NutritionYou must continue to eat only nutritious foods. Likewise, you must ensure to stay hydrated and so, you must not postpone or forget drinking adequate quantities of water.Good SleepYou must ensure to have good sleep in the nights. This will rest your body and give a relaxed feeling. If you go to bed and wake up at the same time, you may not be affected by the problem of sleeplessness. Good sleep will help you have a relaxed feeling throughout the day.If you keep in mind these points, you will enjoy your exercises regimen and lead a healthy life.

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