Monday, August 11, 2014

The Benefits Of Moon Salutations

Imagine that you are trying to go to sleep, and your mind keeps going over and over everything that happened to you during the day. How do you shut down so you can get your rest? The ancient practice of yoga has always been focused on balance. While the Sun Salutation (morning practice) is focused on heat and energy, it is also considered to be aligned with the masculine or yang. The Sun Salutation has been heavily focused on in society because of the frenetic pass of our daily lives. While the Moon Salutations are aligned with the yin or feminine, it is an excellent way of ending the day because it helps shift the energy of both men and women from frenetic to calm.How can you tap into the cool lunar energy? Try to practice outside or where you can see the moon. The chosen area should be quiet. Turn the lights down low. Wear comfortable loose clothing. Begin your practice with meditation. When practiced slowly, fluidly and with awareness, the poses help form a stronger connection with your breath. The sequences of your evening practice can range from eight to sixteen poses and may vary depending on the style of yoga you prefer. The practice of a well-balanced sequence of poses that uses a wide range of movements and involves the entire body has many benefits.While everyone can benefit from an evening practice, athletes especially gain from the mindful poses of an evening yoga routine because of their tight joints and tense muscles. The poses help to stretch the spine, ham strings, and the back of your legs; they also strengthen legs, arms, back and stomach muscles. As with all yoga, circulation is also improved. The poses allow your body to become quiet, loose and ready for a restful sleep. Your increased mindfulness also helps to prevent night time snacking and that is good for the waistline. Evening practice allows the body to continue burning calories during your sleep. If you listen to your own needs, an evening practice can also help your emotional balance.

Once your evening yoga practice becomes part of your routine, you will find that the poses also help restore your inherent emotional balance; this in turn allows you to become more receptive to change. When you achieve balance through your yoga routine, your creativity also becomes enhanced as does your wisdom by opening the path for enlightenment. You become more inwardly focused and less stressed.The Moon Salutations (evening practice) has become a focal point since the late twentieth century. The evening practice focuses on calming the mind and body and restoring balance; it is also considered to be aligned with the feminine or the yin. An evening yoga practice can be beneficial to your sleep and physical health. Being receptive to change through an evening practice enhances your mental and emotional health. Ending the day with a fluid, mindful practice of the asana brings peace, health, productivity and a more positive outlook.

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