Wednesday, November 5, 2014

All About Yoga For Heart Health

Yoga is an ancient practice that allowed its users to express and channel tranquility and spirituality. Today, yoga is being incorporated into daily lives to encourage a healthy balance in life. Although exercise and good nutrition are a prescription for quality health, yoga is a beneficial addition to a daily routine that can improve heart health and stave of heart disease.What is Yoga?Yoga incorporates a variety of elements that involve both the mind and body. The most common and traditional type of yoga uses a series of slow or moderate paced stretches and the holding of poses, while incorporating breathing techniques, focus, and meditation. Not only are your muscles getting a healthy workout, which builds up physical strength, these unique stretches and poses encourage an increased mental and emotional awareness.Yoga For Heart HealthThe unique design of yoga creates benefits that are favorable to prevent and reverse heart disease. Cardiac yoga can have effects such as lowered blood pressure, improved heart rates, increased lung capacity, boosted oxygen circulation, improved respiratory functions, and strengthened heart muscles and their endurance levels. Those who have suffered from some form of heart event such as a heart attack, cardiac arrest, or stroke, are extremely likely to experience a range of emotions that have an effect on the heart such as fear, anger, depression, and anxiety. These emotions cause stress which can be relieved through doing yoga. The meditating and calming effects of yoga may help to alleviate the symptoms of those with chronic heart conditions.The 3 Best Yoga Poses For The HeartThere are several poses that are beneficial for relieving heart symptoms and for strengthening the heart muscles. In addition to the benefits for the heart, there are other things that occur such as increased overall body strength, calming of the mind, improved mental clarity, increased oxygenation, improved balance, strengthening of the core muscles, increased lung capacity, bodily relaxation, and increased flexibility.

1) Triangle Pose - This pose is designed to have a variety of benefits that include promoting cardiovascular health. It encourages you to focus on breathing adequately and strategically. When performed correctly, this certain pose forces you to open your chest and shoulders to allow maximum oxygenation while allowing blood to run through the heart quicker and more freely. This pose also benefits hip joints, neck, spinal muscles, quad muscles, and proprioception of the ankles and feet.2) Reverse Warrior Pose - Most of the warrior poses are great for heart health. This warrior pose in particular is very beneficial for the heart because it opens the chest and shoulders to allow for maximum oxygenation and blood flow to and from the heart. It also strengthens the hips, obliques, quads, arms, groin, and neck.3) Bridge Pose - This pose is especially beneficial to lower blood pressure. It opens the chest, calms the brain, and stimulates the lungs, thyroid, and abdominal muscles.The Bottom LineThere is a reason why the ancient practice of yoga is still being practiced today, there is no downside. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits all contribute to a healthy and balanced life. Since the heart is a vital organ that can not only determine quality of life, but also life or death, doing simple yoga exercises can make all the difference.

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