Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yoga, Too "Quiet" for Me?

There are so many prejudices about the discipline. Much is said and believed about Yoga but so little is actually known.Every time I recommend someone to try Yoga in 90% of cases I get the answer: "It should be good, but it's too quiet for me".What do they mean with this answer? Is it that is not in our human nature tranquility, peace, stillness, calm, quietness? is it wrong? Is it only for a minority to feel that good?Do we need to live always moving, never stopping, always "dynamic", restless? Is it really wrong to take a quiet moment to look within ourselves, to listen, to know in depth who we are, what we want? I think it's something everyone should do at some point if you really want to be happy.Yoga is not a class where people go to lay down, visualize a beautiful scene in the countryside while listening to a peaceful melody and where there is an instructor talking about love and light. It´s not a class where you only "stretch" the muscles or where you compete with the person next to you for who touches his feet or the four with more capacity.Yoga is so much more than that. It's a discipline thousands of years old which seeks through various methods and from different angles, the integration of body, emotions, mind and soul of each person and from that unity achieves integration with God, the cosmos, the universe, the Universal Consciousness, or as everyone wants to call this force beyond us.

They don´t know Yoga! To know Yoga is to love it truly. Yoga gives you knowledge of yourself and your relationships with others and with the world, gives you calm to face your problems, gives you clarity to make decisions, giving you the flexibility to move in your life, it gives you strength to face the demons of your mind, gives you balance to stand firm with your feet on earth despite the tribulations, gives you fluency to "dance" with the rhythms of life, gives you peace to live in the moment without thinking about what is to come later. It gives you EVERYTHING if you allow it. Because it´s the science of self-knowledge, it´s the science of God.So I suggest, BREAK WITH YOUR PREJUDICE, and try it! Try various types of Yoga and discover which one fits you best. Do not miss the opportunity to know this way to your interior, to the life you always dreamed of. The road only leads to freedom, give Yoga a chance to show its benefits.

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